OVET Dry Bulk Terminal

OVET not only acts as a coal terminal, but also as a dry bulk terminal for different types of dry bulk storage. Besides all manner of black goods, including coal, petroleum coke, coke, anthracite and brown coal (lignite), OVET has also been handling a multitude of non-black goods, and is always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities.

OVET is equipped to handle any type of dry bulk product, and holds all the appropriate licences for a vast range of products. OVET not only offers open air storage, but also has suitable storage facilities for products that must remain dry, such as biomass and other types of dry bulk products. These products can be stored in our covered storage.

In a nutshell, OVET is a Bulk Storage Company with long-standing experience in the storage and trans-shipping of black and non-black goods. The list offers an overview of all of the non-black goods which OVET has stored or trans-shipped at some time in the past.