Mission statement OVET

OVET is the stevedoring company in the south of The Netherlands, founded in 1957, situated on both sides of the Western Scheldt estuary, and specializes in the transshipment, storage and processing of dry bulk goods, mainly in the field of solid fuels and ores. OVET works primarily for steel companies, power stations and traders. The products mentioned above are used by clients as fuels, raw materials or semi-finished products.
OVET distinguishes itself from other stevedoring companies by exclusively making use of floating/mobile loading- and unloading installations. By means of this flexibility and mobility OVET is also able to transship dry bulk on the Western Scheldt and all the Scheldt ports and docks. OVET has deliberately chosen a management system with the aims of strengthening existing partner relationships, broadening services and optimizing the internal business operations, in order to safeguard the continuity of the company. The head of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) has been appointed management representative.

In the context of the policy stated above, OVET considers itself obliged and sets itself the continual objective to:

  • Explore activities which, by optimization, contribute to the continuous improvement of the company’s processes, performance and hence the satisfaction;
  • Offer all employees the opportunity to make a contribution to this continuous improvement, regardless of their position, by considering them jointly responsible for a successful execution of this policy and to be receptive towards ideas for improvement;
  • Strictly comply with the prevailing legislation, to observe the conditions, rules and regulations and to anticipate on further developments;
  • Put in effort to make the safety ambition practical, in order to offer a safe and healthy working environment for everyone employed within the company. OVET expects all employees and cooperative partners to take responsibility and to respect the rules;
  • Motivate its employees and stimulate their development and capacity to fulfil their function in a responsible way with regard to QHSE-requirements. To provide the employees with facilities and information in order to allow them to think and act with QHSE-awareness;
  • Control the impact of all activities on stakeholders and society and to put in effort to reduce this impact by all technical and economical means available, in order to prevent causing nuisance to the environment and to strive towards a continuous improvement of the performances.


Fundamental values for our daily business are:

  • Customer orientation;
  • Engagement;
  • Awareness and responsibility;
  • Openness and directness;
  • Appreciation and respect;
  • Focused on performance and targets;
  • Initiative and enterprising spirit.

In this way, OVET establishes clarity towards clients, employees, suppliers, governmental authorities, shareholders and all other stakeholders, not as an accidental fact, but as continuous and in conformity agreements. The quality of the delivered services is determined by the quality of the organisation.

This mission statement is binding. The management will monitor and support the implementation, take suggestions seriously and decide on ideas for improvement.

Johan Martin
General Manager