BLU-Code: agreements between quay and ship considering loading and unloading

BLU-Code stands for Bulk Loading and Unloading Regulations for sea-going cargo ships. The requirements of the BLU-Code have been adopted in the law “Loading and unloading of sea vessels” of December 15th, 2004. The main objective of the BLU-Code is to prevent incidents by establishing agreements between OVET and the ships’ officers. These agreements are recorded in a document, the “Ship/Shore Safety Checklist”.

Bulk carriers that call at terminals for loading or unloading of dry bulk, must be checked on several suitability criteria. The BLU-Code is mandatory for vessels above 500 mt deadweight.

Massagoedhaven Blu code formular

Kaloothaven Blu code formulier

Formulier agency agent Ovet Shipping


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