Ovet Holding B.V.

Ovet B.V. forms part of Ovet Holding B.V. Initially, two thirds of the shares of the Holding company were owned, through the intermediary of ATIC Services, by Ovet’s original founder: Manufrance. From 1972, HES Beheer owned one third of the shares. However, all of this changed in June 2014 when ATIC Services sold its shares in Ovet Holding to HES Beheer and Oxbow Energy Solutions. Shortly afterwards, HES Beheer was absorbed into HES International, and as a result 49.9% of the shares were transferred into the ownership of HES International and 50.1% into the hands of Oxbow Transport B.V.

Besides Ovet, the Holding consists today (2023)  of two sister companies:

1)    Ovet Shipping B.V.: Shipping agent/shipping company

2)    Ovet Screening B.V.: Specialist in solid fuel screening and supply of state-of-the-art screening facilities.

The sister companies collaborate intensively and provide mutual back-up support in various fields.

Ovet Holding owns all of the OVET B.V. shares. In addition, the holding company owns 25% of the shares in OVET Shipping.

Ovet was founded in 1957 by the French stevedore company Manufrance, in order to be able to improve its services to its major account ‘Association Coopérative Zélandaise de Carbonisation’, or Cokesfabriek.

Manufrance: Founded in 1949 as the holding company for the Dutch interests of ATIC.

ATIC Services: Founded in 1945. The company focuses on the storage and trans-shipment of coal and steel in the various ports. In addition, it also provides inland navigation transport services for coal and steel. Compagnie Française de Navigation Rhénane (CFNR) is also under the control of ATIC.

HES Beheer: Founded in 1908 as the holding company for companies offering logistics services in ports, such as the storage and trans-shipment of dry and liquid bulk products. Until 1982, HES, under the name of Frans Swarttouw, mainly operated in the field of grain storage, after which it extended its activities and expanded its range of services. In 1985, the OVET shareholding was sold. In 2014, Hestya gained control of more than 95% of all of the outstanding HES Beheer shares. On 3 November 2014, the HES share listing disappeared.