ISO 9001: the international standard for quality

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard that imposes requirements to the quality system of an organisation and the attitude of the organisation towards the quality policy.

Thus, for example, the quality policy needs to be recorded on paper and it has to be communicated towards all employees. The organisation has to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of the customers and by following the applicable legal conditions. Besides that, the business processes must be recorded in a quality manual and business must actually be conducted according to these processes.

After an external audit has taken place, the organisation can receive a certificate which indicates that it meets the requirements imposed by the standard. This is a sign to the organisation as well as its clients that the organisation works on quality management (care, control and certainty) in an already established and structured way.

OVET B.V. has obtained this certificate on September 12th, 2005. A recertification has taken place which means it is prolonged until September 25th, 2017. We are also mentioned on the website of Inspectorate of Transport and Public Works (Dutch website), see “Lijst gecertificeerde bulkterminals” (List of certified bulk terminals).

Download the 9001-2015 Certificate OVET 2027 

Download the 9001-2015 Certificate Ovet Screening 2027