ISPS Code: the standard for security

In December 2002, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) developed an international standard for  better security of sea vessels and port facilities: the so-called “ISPS Code”. ISPS is short for “International Ship and Port Security Code”. The European Union has adopted these requirements into a special regulation and The Netherlands has composed the requirements in the new Harbour Security Act. These strict maritime security requirements apply to sea vessels and port terminals from July 1st 2004 onwards.

This means companies with a terminal or a loading and unloading quay, must prepare a security plan based on a risk analysis. The security system needs to be accurately described, employees need to be trained and each terminal needs to have an appointed safety officer. All these agreements have been recorded in the so-called PFSP (Port Facility Security Plan). A team of experts from the police, customs and Zeeland Seaports assesses the plan. After that, it is presented to the mayor of the concerned port municipality for approval. OVET has an approved safety plan for both its terminals.

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